Helen Kennedy Ministries, Inc.

Chaplaincy Program & Certification

​Coming Fall 2018

Associates Degree/Certificate

Strategies For Spiritual Harvest

Foundations Of Faith

Kingdom Living 
Spiritual Strategies (Spiritual Warfare)
Ministry Of The Holy Spirit
Knowing God's Voice
Creative Bible Study Methods
Basic Bible Survey: Old & New Testaments
Developing Biblical World View
Teaching Tactics
Methodologies Of Multiplication
Power Principles
Biblical Management Principles
​Principles of Environmental Analysis
Management By Objectives
Mobilization Methodologies
Leaven-Like Evangelism

Elective Courses (Choose Two)
Battle For The Body (Healing)
Women: A Spiritual Profile
You Came Unto Me: Jail and Prison Ministry

Intercessory Prayer

Bachelors Degree/Certificate

Biblical Theology

The Covenant of Abraham

Understanding Biblical Numbers

Biographical Study of David

Introduction of Old Testament Prophecy

The Ministry of Prophets in the New Testament

The Life of Jesus (Composite Study)

Acts of The Holy Spirit

Divine Division

Divine Provision

Passing on the Mantle

Prisoner of the Lord

New Believers, Altar Counseling,

Sacerdotal Duties of Ministers

Introduction to Biblical Counseling/Confronting Crisis

Jesus Christ challenged His followers with one of the greatest spiritual visions of all times: “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few“ (Matthew 9:37). The challenge for laborers for the spiritual harvest fields of the world is now greater than ever as we near the return of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The only way this great spiritual harvest will be reaped is for each born again believer to become a
​ reproducing Christian, a harvester.

Our Educational Mission

It is to this vision that Helen Kennedy Ministries has established HKM Bible Institute & School of Ministry and is dedicated to raising up laborers for worldwide spiritual harvest. HKM-BISOM provides a training program designed to take Christian laymen from vision to reality, and from desire to demonstration. The basic thrust of the training is to teach what Jesus taught; that which took fishermen, tax collectors, etc., and transformed them into reproductive Christians who reached their world with the Gospel message in a demonstration of power. 

REGISTRATION is ongoing for Independent Study. To find a location near you for classroom study, please contact us. A new class session begins the first week of each month. For more information, call the registrar at (954) 361-5276.  To register, click here.