Helen Kennedy Ministries, Inc.

The Mount Barclay Church Project

Paynesville, Liberia, West Africa



HKM propagates the principles of the Kingdom of God as taught in the New Testament by Jesus Christ and the Apostles through the ministry of teaching, preaching and publication.

HKM empowers individuals to make practical application of Kingdom principles that will enrich their lives spiritually, physically and economically through mentoring and coaching.

HKM establishes Bible Training Institutes, Family Worship and Learning Centers, Micro-Business Centers, Arts and Recreation Centers for Youth, and “Beth-El” Residences to house the Elderly, Abandoned, Wounded and Rejected, providing training and employment.

HKM utilizes the resources of prayer, fasting, worship, giving, and partner support through seed-faith offerings to further the vision of this ministry.



In obedience to leading of the Holy Ghost, Apostle Kennedy stepped out in faith, believing that where God guided, He would also provide.  Divine connections were met with and opportunities presented themselves; and as the Lord had spoken, so it has come to pass.

​Her first international assignment was in Freeport, Grand Bahama in July, 2013. After her return from the island, invitations began to come in from Pakistan, Nigeria and Canada while she was in the midst of preparing and fundraising for her mission to Liberia, West Africa later that year.


Helen Kennedy Ministries, Inc. was established in 2013 to take the personal ministry of its founder, Apostle Helen Kennedy, to another dimension. Having served in the local church arena for more than 34 years, and in the pastorate for 14 of those years, Apostle Kennedy felt the pressing call to expand her ministry nationally and internationally.


Helen Kennedy Ministries is called to equip and activate ministry gifts to expand the Kingdom of God in the earth to forward the Master's commission - to go into ALL the world, and proclaim in every system of this world the gospel of the Kingdom in power and demonstration.