Helen Kennedy Ministries, Inc.

​​After obtaining the consent of these five pastors, along with Apostle Emmanuel, I visited the Foreign Ministry in order to learn the process for officially organizing Gospel Workers Support Network (GWSN).  Their incorporation process is much likes ours, so I proceeded to draft the incorporating documents and provided the fees ($300.00 USD) for filing the same. 

 The GWSN is an official non-profit organization, and I serve as Vice President of the organization. The network has submitted to my direction and oversight of the organization, and Apostle Emmanuel Roberts, President, is working very closely with me, providing a monthly report of the activities in that region.

The economic situation is scarce and the churches require support from outside sources if they are to flourish.  Sanctuary of Living Waters has been providing Sunday School literature in PDF format for Apostle Roberts to share with the churches. As well, we are sending a monthly support to be shared between the churches.  Here's where your support can help.  I am looking for four other churches that are willing to adopt one of the five churches.  Sanctuary of Living Waters has taken the lead.

The infrastructure is such that there is no electric, running water, or sanitation. Ironically, they do have very expensive cellphone service.  The average income is less than $2.00 weekly. Our U.S. dollar is only worth an average of $.80. The rates changes daily. There is one pubic school in the area of Paynesville, but many churches are operating schools based on donations.


The Liberian Mission

During my visit to Liberia in March, 2014, I had the opportunity to meet with five pastors: Apostle Emmanuel Roberts (Mt. Barclay), Pastor John Sackie (Police Academy), Apostle Frederick Davis (Bernard Farm), Pastor Alfred Brown (Bright Farm, Kakata), Pastor Alexander Benson (Pipe-Line), and Pastor Sylvester Toe (Mt. Barclay).  All of their conditions were relatively the same: they gathered believers together and were doing the best they could despite their conditions.  Their request remains for materials to teach their people.  Many of their parishioners do not have Bibles, but also cannot read.